Business Support in Bristol

Bristol has a thriving community of entrepreneurs and growing businesses crossing a range of industry sectors. YTKO provides support to pre-start, start-up and growth business through two programmes in the area.

South Bristol Enterprise Support
South Bristol Enterprise Support

The South Bristol Enterprise Support Project delivers a programme of tailored advice, coaching and grants to individuals and businesses across the South Bristol area.

North & East Bristol Support
North and East Bristol Support

The North and East Bristol Support project is available until March 2023 and offers support for pre start-up, new and existing social enterprises, as well as private businesses in a range of sectors.

North & East Bristol Business Support
North & East Bristol Business Support

This exciting programme will be available until March 2023, offering support for pre-starts, new and existing private businesses and social enterprises in all sectors, anywhere in Bristol not eligible for the South Bristol Enterprise Support programme.

Funding & Finance

Financing the start or growth of a business can be a challenge, but Outset Finance, is a national delivery partner for the government’s Start Up Loan programme who can help you.

The Outset Finance team will guide you through the application process and provide post-loan mentoring.