Earthwise Construction - Sustainable construction in Bristol - West of England

Earthwise Construction – Sustainable construction in Bristol

Ben East is the founder and sole director of Earthwise Construction, a sustainable construction and ventilation company based in Bristol.

The construction industry has a reputation for being quite unsustainable and wasteful. …

A recent report showed estimates that construction accounts for 35% of global energy consumption, and 40% of C02 emissions. 

“The reason I started Earthwise Construction was because of being fed up with construction being driven for profit, rather than having a long lasting contribution. Most companies end up being quite wasteful and it is frustrating” said Ben.

Earthwise specialise in retrofitting old homes and well as building new ones with sustainability in mind. “The work we do always has environmental, economical and comfort sustainability in mind for the users. This is really important to us and we only chose clients that fit with our ethos.”

Ben came to South Bristol Enterprise Support looking for 1:1 support, as well as support with grants.

“YTKO supported me with grant support with very fortuitous timing and it was really good for support. We were also signposted to other great support through signing up to SBES” said Ben.

Ben shared some advice from his personal experiences with running a business with sustainability in mind: “If you are a small business who is looking to incorporate sustainability into your business model, just take the plunge. Be courageous enough to take the plunge and make those adaptations. It has had a great effect on our business, in fact we have seen customers actively seeking us out because of their preferences.”

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